1928 – 1934 Ford Independent Front Suspension (IFS) Kits

1928 – 1934 Ford IFS

The 1928 – 1934 Ford Independent Front Suspension is the most affordable IFS for these cars and with proper geometry, stance and tire-to-fender clearance your once step closer to hitting that open road!  This trick kit gives you the same ride height and width as 4” dropped and 2” narrowed axle, but with an independent ride at just the right price!

Our AFFORDABLE IFS kit uses many OEM parts in order to keep the maintenance easy and thePG8_image4_Control-Arms_Polished-Stainless-Arms_Hub-to-Hub_IFS-Coilover cost down. Your wheels will be 56” hub-to-hub, with the spindle center 1” above the bottom of your frame. Proper Ackerman, Positive Camber Gain, and Antidive geometry are all designed in, along with a rear steer rack for splash pan clearance.

To achieve maximum strength in our Ford Independent Front Suspension, we make our main Crossmember of 5/16” wall material, our tubular arms of .188 wall seamless tubing rather than the .090 wall used by many of our competitors, and we never use flame cut parts due to the problems associated with heat-crystallized steel parts.

You’ve probably noticed our competitors ads which discuss the use of long Coilover shocks to improve ride quality. They’re headed in the right direction, but stop too soon. A Coilover shock designed for rear axle use will have about a 250#/in. spring rate, where a front spring will be more in the 450#/in. range. The simple fact is that the same spring size cannot be made 21/2 times as strong without losing ride quality. That’s why we use the proven Mustang II spring and shocks on our 1928 – 1934 Ford Independent Front Suspensions, you get maximum ride quality and it keeps more money in your pocket!

Deluxe Kit Includes:

  • Crossmember & Shock Tower assembly
  • Tubular arms with Bolts, Bushings and Ball Joints
  • Standard or Dropped Spindles
  • OEM Brakes
  • OEM Tie Rod Ends
  • OEM Rack & Pinion
  • OEM Springs & Shocks


Price: $2,395.00

Upgrade to our Nickle Plated A-Arms!

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