1957 – 1960 Ford Courier Dropped Spindles

1957 – 1960 Ford Courier Dropped Spindles

At Fatman Fabrications we only manufacture and sell the best 1957 – 1960 Ford Courier Dropped Spindles that you will find anywhere.  These heavy-duty 2 1/2” Courier Dropped Spindles will accept the stock Ford ball joints and tie rod ends. We’ve done the work to improve the revised outer tie rod end position, which was necessary for bumpsteer reduction into the weld fixture.

To get the most efficient installation on your 1957 – 1960 Ford Courier Dropped Spindles you will need to supply your own 1975-1980 Ford Granada rotors, bearings, etc. along with 1970-1977 Chevrolet Camaro brake calipers and brake pads.  If you don’t have those parts, we can help supply them and include them into the new price of the kit.

The Fatman Fabrication Courier Dropped Spindles are specifically manufactured for your 1957 – 1960 Ford Courier Original Suspension.  Once you have the right parts from us you will be able to bolt your Courier Dropped Spindles right on and simply reinstall your own or upgraded Disc Brake Kits.

 Price: $595.00 (pair)

Additional things well need to know:

  • We will need to know the exact year of your Ford Courier
  • Whether vehicle has manual or power steering


Upgrade Options:

  • NEW Iron Brake Parts
  • 11” Wilwood Rotors & Calipers
  • 11” Wilwood Drilled Rotors & Calipers
  • 12” Willwood Rotors & Calipers
  • 12” Wilwood Drilled Rotors & Calipers
  • 13” Wilwood Rotors & Calipers
  • 13” Wilwood Drilled Rotors & Calipers

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