1963 – 1972 Chevy Truck Independent Front Suspension (IFS)

1963 – 1972 Chevy Truck IFS

Get the ride and stance that your Chevy Truck deserves with our 1963 – 1972 Chevy Truck Independent Front Suspension Kit.  Fatman Fabrications makes this Chevy Truck IFS a complete Bolt-In Kit that includes all the parts necessary to get you back on the road and turning corners like a pro in no time!

Our Bolt-In Chevy Truck Independent Front Suspension Kits offer the ideal solution for radically lowered Chevrolet Pickup Trucks. You will gain 3″ of ground clearance while the track width is 2″ narrower than stock on each side, this allows for wider wheels and a lower more aggressive stance.

The Chevy Truck Independent Front Suspension Kit is actually fabbed on a genuine GM frame section, unbolted and then shipped to you to bolt back into yours. Tubular Upper Control Arms are included in the Chevy Truck IFS Kit, and MUST be used for enough space to perform proper alignment. Polished stainless steel control arms provide extra flash and are included at the same price as plain steel arms when you buy the complete IFS Kit.

You can choose from the different Hub-to-Hub Kit Stages, whether your craving Coil, Coilover or Air Ride spring options, we’ve got the perfect IFS Kit to suite your Chevy Truck.  If you wish to upgrade the complete front end of your Chevy Truck we can also supply Power Rack & Pinion Steering, 5” Bolt Circle 12” Disc Brakes and Front Sway Bars. When you order your Chevy Truck Independent Front Suspension Kit through Fatman Fabrications you will not only get the Performance you desire, but you’ll also get that aggressive stance that will set you apart!

Builders Guide (click here)

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Chevy Truck IFS Options:

  • Hub-to-Hub Stage II – Stainless Steel Control Arms (basic kit)
  • Hub-to-Hub Stage III – Coilovers
  • Hub-to-Hub Stage IV – Air Ride/Ridetech
  • Hub-to-Hub Stage V – Shockwave


Upgrade Options:

  • Power Rack & Pinion
  • 5” Bolt Circle 12” Disc Brakes
  • 2” Drop Spindles (no charge)
  • Front Sway Bar


Price starting at: $2,395.00

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